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Private Charters

Unparalleled level of service. We pay the utmost attention to detail and ensure the standards of service, security, privacy, and efficiency surpass your expectations.

Private and Executive Jets

Bespoke service for private and executive jet requirements with access to a wide range of luxurious aircraft fitted with the highest quality interiors. We pay the utmost attention to detail to ensure that every private trip is unforgettable.

Before, during and after your flight, we will coordinate to ensure that the levels of service, security, privacy, efficiency, and discretion surpass your expectations.


Helicopters provide a degree of flexibility that a fixed wing aircraft cannot and will provide you the convenience of flying directly to an exact destination which is invaluable and perfectly suited for accessing crowded and hard-to-reach places.

From hotel rooftops to remote fields, our helicopter charter flights can give you direct access to city centers and remote regions.

Medevac/Ambulance Flights

Ambulance Flights

For those who are too sick or weak to cope with commercial flights, an air ambulance is the safest and fastest travel option.

We provide a wide range of aircrafts suitable for medical evacuation flights and transportation that vary from jets and turboprops to helicopters which are specially equipped to transport the sick and injured, accompanied by relatives and specialist medical staff to ensure the patient's well being.

Taking Care of Your Loved ones

For emergency and non-emergency medical transport services throughout the world, we provide short notice access to dedicated ICU aircrafts with the latest medical equipment and paramedical crew.

We go the extra mile to ensure that the arrival of the patient goes smoothly by advising and coordinating required permits and paperwork so urgent care is not delayed.

Fly Aviation is one of the most reliable companies in the region with decades of experience as specialists in aviation with assets in trip support, fixed base operations, airlines, and charter brokerage.

Benefit from our specialist charter division’s expertise, knowledge, and experience along with the comprehensive charter solutions and vast aircraft database we have in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Group Charters

Whether attending conferences, corporate expositions, sports or any other events, your group can enjoy all the benefits of chartering their own aircraft for the same cost of travelling commercially.

You provide the purpose and we will provide you with the right aircraft along with A to Z coordination to make your trip unforgettable.

Personnel or Emergency Relocation

Benefit from our expertise in transporting personnel or workers all over the globe to where and when they are needed. From helping you react quickly to emergencies and assisting you in organizing medical evacuation planes or emergency aircraft after natural disasters, to political unrest and corporate crises, you can be rest assured that your needs are met and exceeded .

Whether it’s for a time-sensitive project or for an emergency, we will meet the logistical demands of your requirements regardless of how complex they are.

Roadshows or Tours

Avoid multiple connecting flights as we take the hassle out of your complicated travel schedule and provide you with flexibility and control over your flight itinerary and help ease your flights from fast-track transit through airports to the use of multiple planes.

Our team can cater to a variety of needs and for the most decerning high profile passengers such as sports teams, music bands, goverment delegations, film and televesion stars and crew.

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Cargo Charters

Through our well-established connections with cargo airlines worldwide, we provide on-demand access to a vast variety of different sized aircrafts.

Whatever you are transporting goods that are perishable, sensitive, oversized, live, valuable or urgent, we can find the operator with the right aircraft and coordinate with facilities all over the world including those in remote and challenging locations.

Taking Care of Your Cargo

Transporting your goods requires specialist skills and an in-depth knowledge of shipping guidelines.

Benefit from our vast experience and expertise in finding the right aircraft for your various needs. From transporting your cargo to taking you to places where scheduled services cannot reach, such as remote locations, hostile terrains, or areas of disaster strikes, we are your ultimate trusted partner. Our in-depth knowledge of available operators along with our vast network of contacts ensure that we will fly you to your destination with the shortest notice and provide all relevant permits and documentation irrespective of logistical challenges.

Passenger Cargo