10 Advantages of traveling in Empty Leg Flights


Private jet charters nowadays grows rapidly. Providing comfortable and intimate flying solutions to passengers, but most people can’t afford to charter an entire private jet just for the experience.

But if you are a traveler who is seeking a luxurious flight experience, today we will sort out 10 advantages of traveling with Empty leg flights.

First of all: What is Empty Leg Flights?

Empty Leg is a term that most aviation companies are using for identifying a flight that does not carry any passengers or cargo. The definition of charter flights refers to returning flights from their chartered destinations.

Empty Leg flight is also known as a one-way flight. If you don’t have a strict schedule, you can enjoy the pleasure of a private flight. if you have upcoming meetings, corporate events or just traveling for a vacation, you should consider an empty leg flight as a great way to not only to enjoy your flight but a productive and safe way of traveling.

Here are the 10 advantages of Traveling in Empty Leg Flights:

flexible schedules

1. Flexible Schedules, No long Queues

If you have international business meetings or travel schedule requirements, they can give you a flexible time that is suitable for you. The jet will wait for you and ready to take off when you are ready.


2. Enjoy Luxury and Privacy

One-way flights or Empty leg flights can provide a great and comfortable experience and privacy. It can allow you to focus or just simply relax on flight. It has also personalized services from the flight staff to cater to all your need while traveling.


3. Offers the best prices for Charter Flights

Flying with Empty Leg is a good score and has a great price compared to normal charter flights. Empty leg flights offer discounts too, it is an awesome way for private citizens or businessmen compared to private charter flights.


4. You can save money if you are a group of travelers.

Empty Leg flight pricing varies by destination. It has a lower price than the usual charter flight. Since you are a group of travelers this is the best option for privacy and relaxation while on the flight.


5. Spend Less Travel Time

Empty leg flights are almost similar to express flights. They will not stop at any place before your destination unless they need to refuel or reload water. That means you can reach your destination with less travel time compared to a normal flight.


6. Travel Comfort Experience

Comfort is one of the Empty Leg Flight offers. It has to have limited seats but plenty of legroom, larger comfort rooms, and space to walk while on a flight, and sometimes even full empty leg services offer showers or sauna rooms but it depends on the plane.


7. Best options for Catching up on a Business Trip

Flying in an empty leg with your business colleagues is a great experience while in the air. You can still work on this trip since most of the private aircraft charters companies offer Wi-Fi access.


8. You can Skip Crowded Flights

When you fly with empty leg flights especially in a busy tourist season you will not experience what most travelers or flyers hate.


9. No other Passengers (unless you are in a group charter flight)

In empty leg flights, you will not experience any person that is talking loud or any passengers that will disturb you.


10. Travel Like Royalty

Flying with an empty leg flight is luxurious from the time that you arrive at the airport, the charter staff will take care of you. They will take good care of your bags and luggage. Enjoy great gourmet meals, drinks, and cozy surroundings. If you are a normal flyer that wants to experience charter flights you will see the difference between their services. You can experience stress-free travel services.

Are Empty Leg Flights worth it?

Empty Leg flights offer great service for the passengers, although you can experience some risks also like the flight operations has a chance to be canceled or change the flight time. Empty Leg flights appear only a few days before the flight or last minute, better to monitor some companies that offer empty leg flights more often.