10 Tips to Save Money on Charter Flights


When you want to travel on charter flights, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. Chartering a private jet is known to be expensive and luxurious; even if you can afford it, who doesn’t want to save money? Savvy travelers know that they can save money by booking charter flights in advance since private jet travel nowadays is becoming more accessible to travelers.

Here are the 10 tips to save money on Charter Flights:

1. Book Charter Flight in Advance


Booking in advance is one of the most common ways to save money in chartering a private jet. You can avoid peak travel days by booking in advance, especially if you plan to travel on your next holiday trip; most private jet charter company taking advantage of the travel season since it has a high demand for flights.

2. Search for Empty Leg Flights


Flying with an empty leg can save you 30 to 50% from a regular charter cost, but it always depends on the private jet charter company you are dealing with. Empty leg flight is only one-way travel, so better search for an empty leg flight that will travel to your dream destination.

3. Cost-sharing with Group of Travelers


Travel in group charters is cost-efficient not only on your but with others also. This is one of the convenient ways to save money on chartered flights. If you have a group of friends or family and plan to travel on a private jet, this is the best for you. Traveling with a group can maybe lesser than a commercial ticket.

4. Chartering a Smaller Plane


If you are traveling alone and still want to travel privately, be open to looking for small or light jets, and if you are traveling a few hours away, you can save money. Small jets has a limited feature that will cut the cost.

5. Be Flexible with your Times and Dates


Be updated with private jet companies’ schedules for charter flights and empty leg flight offers. This is very limited, so be in touch with your private jet charter brokers and contacts. Taking advantage of empty leg flights can be cost-efficient. It’s a win-win situation for you to save money while on a luxury trip.

6. Considering an Old Model Aircraft


Most people consider this, especially an older model of an aircraft usually has less price. Assuming that your destination is a few hours away and you don’t need many services while traveling, older aircraft can save you money, make sure the old aircraft is well maintained, and have good ratings and pilot qualifications.

7. Choose Airport Wisely


Choosing airports to regional areas can lower the handling and landing costs. Private jet charter companies have access to thousands of airports worldwide, select the airport near your destination, and with this, you will save money and time.

8. Ask for no-frills on Chartered Flight


Several private jet charter provider offers a no-frills option to their clients. Charter flight services like catering and having a personal flight attendant are for luxury trips only. If you have a shorter travel time and don’t want catering onboard, you can ask your private jet charter provider and negotiate with them to reduce your travel cost.

9. Compare the Prices of your Chosen Private Jet Charter Companies


Thousands of private jet charter provider is competing with prices. Take some time to browse their prices and offers to save money. Private jet providers have different departures, arrival, different dates, and different aircraft types, considering all of that can cut the price of your charter flight.

10. Contact a Private Jet Charter Broker

Private jet charter brokers have a lot of experience to find suitable and cost-efficient aircraft for your travel needs. These charter brokers connect with private jet operators internationally, and they can secure a discounted charter flights for you.

Convenience of Traveling with Charter Flights

Charter flights give you the convenience of time because you decide your departure time. Private jet charter services have become an immediate solution for all flying problems. Individuals or companies whose executives travel regularly prefer personal jet charter services over commercial flights.

In most instances, charter flights are mostly used during the peak season and holidays. That is why most charter flight tickets are included in vacation holiday packages.

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