5 Factors that Affect the Cost of a Private Jet Flight

The cost of a private jet flight is determined by many factors. We’ll try to cover all the factors that affect the cost of a private jet flight.

1. The Aircraft Category:


The category of the aircraft has the greatest impact on the price of a private jet flight. To define the device’s category, we must first understand the customer’s requirements:

  • The number of people on board.
  • The weight of the suitcase.
  • The flight’s length of time.
  • The intended number of beds.
  • Onboard crew (if needed).

2. The duration of stay has an impact on the price of a private flight:


The duration of your stay and the number of hours the private jet will fly affect the price of your private flight. Your flight will be less expensive if you remain for a shorter period. Companies can afford to leave their aircraft parked at their destination for short periods.

This is why flying back on the same day is one of the cheapest options (a work meeting for example). In reality, by foregoing a night on-site, we save money on things like aircraft parking and personnel expenses.

3. You can get a better deal if you get parking:


Obtaining overnight parking is another technical aspect that affects the price of a flight. Some airports do have space constraints, particularly small airports that are popular in the summer. Some airports operate under very tight operating restrictions, which we expect as a broker to avoid any shocks when it comes to the cost of your travel.

4. The price of a private flight may be affected by the time it is operated:


The final cost may be affected by the flight schedule. As a result, many airports that aren’t open at night may agree to extend their hours if asked (a time extension is requested). In most cases, there is a cost associated with this extension (a cost for the airport and the handling company and sometimes even a cost for the crew who must stay on-site longer at the Hotel).

5. Catering on board:


The catering provided in a private flight quotation is the company’s standard. On light jets, the cost of catering might be significant if there is a need for more food or if there is a particular request that is not included in the norm. This will be determined by your requirements as well as the rates charged by the suppliers.