5 Private Jet Charter Advice for the First-Timers


Taking a flight through private jet is an experience that practically everyone looks forward to, not only because it allows them to see another city, but also because it allows them to be in the air and enjoy a unique panoramic perspective. Unfortunately, many people, rather than enjoying their journeys, suffer as a result of the usual logistical situations in airports. As a result, trips on a private jet become an excellent option for guests who want to enjoy their experience from boarding to landing.


When we plan our trips, whether on vacation or for work, we often think of delays, long lines, last-minute cancellations, and cramped seats, among other things. Discomforts have been the norm, but with the options provided by chartering a private jet, these situations will become obsolete.

If you are planning a vacation soon and are unsure of how to go about it, we propose that you grab a pencil and paper and write down all of the benefits of flying in a private jet for the first time.


1. Time Management

One of the most common fears among passengers when traveling is not being able to make the scheduled boarding time and thus missing it. This is especially true when taking into account check-in times, luggage delivery times, and the time it takes to get from the airport entrance to our boarding gate. You’ll forget about those endless instances where you have to arrive 3 or 4 hours before the airport when you travel by private aviation.


2. Do not eat anything before boarding (Optional)

When you fly in a private plane, you get the best possible attention. The catering service that these planes normally provide is one of the distinguishing qualities in this regard. You won’t have to worry about buying something to eat before flying off because you’ll have a personalized service where you can get drinks, snacks, drinks, and other options whenever you want with this special service.


3. Dress in comfy clothing.

The comfort of a private plane’s seats and cabin, in general, is one of its most distinguishing features. To enjoy their soft seats as if you were in your living room, it is recommended that you wear sweaters and comfortable apparel. It’s never a bad idea to recline your chair a little during the tour so you can take a nap, which is uncommon on commercial flights.


4. You can travel with your Pets

Remember to bring your cats, dogs, and other pets with you on your flights. You can travel with your pets in the passenger cabin on private jets rather than having to box them and transport them to the aircraft holds. This is not a minor reality when we consider that companion animals have become a significant part of our families throughout time, and we want to take them wherever with us. It’s worth noting that if you wish to travel with your pets, you must notify the crew so that the aircraft can be adjusted to meet their demands.

5. Do not worry about your suitcases

When boarding the private plane, your bags, like you, will be handled differently. Exclusive logistics personnel will be in charge of locating them in the airplane holds. It will no longer be required to secure the suitcase with three locks or to wrap it in plastic to keep children from opening it. It’s worth noting that the amount of goods you can carry varies depending on the size of the private jet you’re flying.