6 Beginners Guide in Choosing an Aircraft Charter Service


Aircraft Charter refers to renting the whole aircraft instead of just individual seats in an aircraft. Aircraft charter is also known as an air taxi, executive charter, jet charter, and private aviation.

3 Aircraft charter key factors are flexibility, efficiency, and of course privacy. Whatever your requirements, without air charter travel you wouldn’t have the freedom to organize trips built around your needs.

When you fly in a commercial airline, you are bound to the airline’s schedule. Aircraft chartering saves time reserving tickets, registering, getting the luggage, making queues for security, avoids delays, etc.

Aircraft Charter Advantages

Aircraft Charter Advantages

There are many advantages with air charter services:

Fly whenever you want at the time you choose.

With an Aircraft charter you can control your schedule using a fleet of aircraft anywhere you are in the world.

Aircraft charter company offers convenience, security, privacy, and time efficiency

Aircraft charter’s advantages multiply as the charter sector enjoys a growing market share for business travelers, and as it becomes available at even more airports nationwide.

Aircraft Charter Brokers

Aircraft Charter Brokers

The key factor for choosing a good aircraft charter company:

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Contingency planning.
  • The ability to organize logistics of a trip.
  • Skills on getting the customer to their destination even in bad weather.


A good aircraft charter broker will choose an experienced air charter operator and will verify any violation history or work experience for the client’s security.

Brokers should also handle insurance issues at the best time possible and at a fair rate. A broker should make the traveler’s life easier by solving any kind of travel procedure.

How to choose an Airport

How to Choose an Airport

Commercial airlines use fewer than 500 airports across the country. Charter operators use those and nearly 5,000 more, this increases the possibilities of flying to the exact location that the air charter user wants. Commercial Airlines don’t fly to many destinations due to is not economically convenient for them.

Business and personal trips become simpler just by flying in and out of an airport closer to home.

There is more than just time-saving. Usually, General aviation terminals are designed for the comfort & convenience of a smaller number of travelers.


Choosing an Air Charter Operator

Many factors affect the selection of the right air charter operator.

Any good aircraft charter operator should appreciate the opportunity to peruse through a prospective itinerary along with you as long as you are serious about using his service.

The Credentials of a charter operator are important. Do not hesitate to see the charter operator’s operating certificates, safety track record, or insurance policies. If your company has any unique insurance policies, do discuss them.

Do ask the charter operator for customer references. Once he provides them, do use them. Call these customers and feel free to ask questions about their business dealings with the charter operator. This should give you a quick sense of whether or not they were happy with the services that they had been provided.

Lastly, and if possible, visit your charter operator. Remember Aircraft chartering is a service business, and the people in the industry represent the key to success.


Choosing an Aircraft

The exact kind of charter aircraft that would be appropriate for your trip is decided by several factors like:

  • The no. of passengers traveling with you.
  • The amount and nature of cargo/baggage.
  • The destination.
  • Your aircraft preferences.
  • Your budget.


The most important question is how many passengers will be making the trip and the destination? The number of passengers will decide what size aircraft you’ll need and your destination will indicate the required range. Some high-altitude airports have limited accessibility or accessibility that changes seasonally depending on the aircraft.

Choosing the right aircraft involves factors like size and passenger capacity, Aircraft performance and, price.


Aircraft Charter Classes and Types

There are several classes of Aircraft Charters available in the industry. On the following pages, we are going to try to help you understand the variances between each type of Air Charter, so you can easily determine which is best for you.

  • Corporate Air Charter
  • Executive Air Charter
  • Business Air Charter
  • Private Air Charter
  • Air Cargo Charter
  • Private Jet Charter
  • Large Group charters