Private Jet Charter to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


A private jet charter to FIFA World Cup Qatar is a great way to travel to this prestigious men’s football tournament, taking advantage of traveling in a luxury way for the FIFA world cup fans or FIFA world cup team going to Qatar. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 The FIFA World Cup (in English FIFA […]

Business Jet Charter: How to Choose The Right Private Jet For Your Trip


It’s an approach for maintaining social distance and hence staying safe. After all, the user will be able to bypass airport lines and crowded airlines by business jet charter or any private jet charter service. But, do you know how to accomplish it, or how much to rent a business jet? Chartering a business jet to […]

How to Book Charter Flights


Many people new to using a private jet charter service wonder how to book charter flights. We’ll go over what charter flights are and how to arrange one based on your requirements. What is Charter Flight? Charter flights are unscheduled and unavailable as part of commercial carriers’ regular routes. Charter flights are always dependent on […]

World Government Summit 2022 Government Leaders Fly to Dubai


What is World Government Summit? The World Government Summit platform will foresee and plan the future of a post-pandemic period in several fields and the world beyond the Fourth Industrial Revolution now more than ever before. The Summit has promoted the purpose of changing future administrations and building a brighter future for humanity since its […]

Aviation Annual Gala Evening (AAGE) – Fly Charters Award


Fly Charters received an awards from The Aviation Annual Gala Evening (AAGE) event last 15th of November 2021 during Dubai Airshow Week. AAGE is the annual celebration for senior Aviation leaders. Now in its fifth year the event continued to attract both regional and international aviation leaders. Event Highlights Fly Charters is one of […]

5 Private Jet Charter Advice for the First-Timers


Taking a flight through private jet is an experience that practically everyone looks forward to, not only because it allows them to see another city, but also because it allows them to be in the air and enjoy a unique panoramic perspective. Unfortunately, many people, rather than enjoying their journeys, suffer as a result of […]

Empty Leg flights: Travel Inexpensively by Private Jet


For whom air travel is a familiar thing, probably know what Empty Leg Flights is, however, for many, the term is incomprehensible. In fact, it is part of the itinerary that the liner flies empty. Another name for the Empty Legs service is return flights, it assumes the ability to fly with a very good discount on […]

10 Best Cities in Europe to visit this Winter through Private Jet


There’s something unique about traveling around Europe in the winter. In the year 2021, the greatest way to travel in Europe is via private jet. Winter’s first snowfall enchants some vacationers, but the season’s harsh temperature entices others to flee. Winter sports and activities, such as hunting for the northern lights, are made possible by […]

Private Jet Charter to Europe: A Five Point Checklist


Before you begin the process of chartering a private jet, you must first determine why you want to lease one. You’re most likely hiring a jet for one of the following reasons: You simply want to enjoy the wonderful sensation of flying and soaring high in the sky. You’re on your way for a compelling […]

COVID-19: UAE Eases Rules for Returning Residents


Fully Vaccine Travelers Can Now Enter UAE UAE will now allow entry of all residents, who are fully vaccinated with WHO-approved vaccines from previously restricted countries. The UAE has relaxed certain travel rules in order to facilitate the return of residents stranded outside the country. From September 12 onwards, valid residence visa holders, who have […]