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Private Jet Charter Batumi

Georgia’s second-largest city has rebuilt itself as a Black Sea Las Vegas, complete with a casino and stunning towers in recent years. Batumi is recognized for its long coastline, beautiful beaches, lush natural surroundings, and friendly people. The city has the appearance of a modern European city, with wide streets lined with magnolia trees and vast squares adorned with statues. Batumi is one of the most popular Black Sea tourist destinations due to its large selection of accommodations, bustling nightlife, and natural environment.

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Airports in Batumi

Batumi International Airport
Tbilisi International
Kutaisi International Airport
Queen Tamar Airport
Ambrolauri Airport
Sukhumi Babushara Airport
Natakhtari Airfield
Telavi Airport
Tsnori Airport

* We still covered the airports in Batumi that are not on the list.

Places to Visit in Batumi

The Statue of Ali and Nino

One of the structures worth viewing in Batumi is The Statue Ali and Nino. As it is often known, the Love Statue represents two young people who are unable to meet. The figures’ movement is completed by passing through each other, which is a unique design. Tamar Kvesitadzade is responsible for the design of the 8-meter-long huge statues.

This eternal love statue, located near Batumi Bay, is a well-known sight in Batumi. Every 10 minutes, the figures move towards each other, merge into one piece, and move away from each other, created by Georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze.

The statue is inspired by the tale of Ali, a Muslim Azerbaijani adolescent, and Nino, a Christian Georgian girl. The statue’s beauty, enhanced by red and blue lights, is enhanced in the evening. The inspiration for this stunning monument originated from Kurban Said’s book of the same name. In Baku in 1918, Azerbaijani Muslim Ali had a romantic relationship with a Georgian Christian daughter of a nobleman.


Piazza Square

With its boutique hotels, cafés, and unusual architecture, Piazza Square is a popular hangout spot for many locals. The Piazza, designed by Georgian architect Vazha Orbeladze, is a wonderful blend of styles and trends.

The Piazza square, where people gather on special occasions to see concerts and performances, is also an essential part of the daily routine. Around the Square, there are several restaurants and cafes where you can spend a long time. In this approach, you may create a relaxing environment to observe Georgian culture and sample local delicacies.

This square is a popular gathering spot for Batumi inhabitants and visitors alike. It is 5700 square meters in size and is notable for its paintings and beautiful mosaic and stained glass art.


Batumi Botanical Garden

The Batumi Botanical Garden, which opened in 1912 and was founded by a Russian botanist, is located in Mtsvane Kontskhi, a tiny settlement 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from the city. It is one of the largest botanical gardens in the former Soviet Union, and it was enlarged and developed throughout that time. The garden has gorgeous vegetation and animals and stunning views of the shoreline.

Batumi Botanical Garden is open from 08:00 to 21:00 every week. You’ll find not only Georgian-specific plant species but also unique trees and flowers from around the world. Plants from all over the world, from the Himalayas to Australia, provide a splash of color to this enchanted garden.

Batumi’s botanical garden is one of the region’s oldest, largest, and most important plant study centers. A dozen separate walking roads and off-road hiking trails connect about 2,000 different species worldwide, which are represented in 9 different zones. It’s also one of the best sites in Batumi to see the city skyline and the Black Sea.


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