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Private Jet Charter Beirut

Beirut is one of the Middle East’s greatest, most active, and intriguing cities. Because it is far more liberal than other Middle Eastern cities, it has a thriving nightlife, ranging from wild beach clubs to roof-retracting nightclubs.

Beirut, which is located on a peninsula and is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, offers beaches, cliffs, and caves in a modern and cosmopolitan setting while maintaining a traditional and ancient heart.

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Public Airport in Beirut

Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport
Beirut Lebanon

Popular Places in Beirut

Raouche - Pigeon Rocks

The Raouche or Pigeon Rocks is a Beirut residential and commercial district known for its upscale restaurants serving delectable cuisines and cliff-side cafes along with Avenue de Paris.

The area, which is located south of Hamra, is known for its promenade, the rock formations along its coast, and its towering and stylish condo skyscrapers. The massive remnants of a sea monster, slaughtered by the Greek hero Perseus to save the Andromeda Galaxy, are said to be buried here. While sightseeing in Beirut is a fantastic pleasure, enjoy the café options.

This is a particularly romantic place, especially at sunset. Local boat owners can sail you around the largest rock and through the arch. Remember to bargain the price up front, as is customary in the Middle East. It is one of Beirut’s most affluent neighborhoods, the hotels in the region are typically high-end.



Byblos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Lebanon, listed as one of the oldest Phoenician cities, inhabited since Neolithic times, and for contributing to the development of the Phoenician alphabet. Byblos is a treasure trove of archeological ruins and breathtaking locations, making it one of the top places to visit in Beirut and a must-see for history aficionados.

Byblos has witnessed so much history that it is difficult to keep track of it all. The city has been occupied by Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, and Ottomans at various times. From the bougainvillea-lined lanes, you can see several walls and souks dating back to medieval times.

Byblos Harbour, Saint John-Marc Cathedral, Byblos Wax Museum, and Crusader Castle are just a few of the attractions that will make your vacation memorable for a lifetime.


Mohammad Al Amin Mosque

The mosque of Mohammad al-Amin is a Sunni place of worship and one of the most exquisite masterpiece of Muslim architecture in the world. The mosque, which was completed in 2008, is one of the greatest free things to do in Beirut. A 48-meter-high blue dome and 65-meter-high minarets decorate the Sunni Muslim Mosque. The holy mosque, with its gorgeous inscribed walls and imposing atmosphere, is one of the best locations to see in Beirut.

The mosque also includes many arches that are a couple of floors high, and the Yellow Riyadh Stone was used as the main stone. Visitors are welcome to enter the mosque, which has the most ornately decorated interiors, known locally as Zakhfarat. The gorgeous Islamic calligraphy and stained glass windows will also appeal to you.

It has a capacity of just about 4,000 worshipers and welcomes tourists. It is located near Martyrs Square. The mosque’s lovely interiors, which include a stunning chandelier dangling and an Ottoman-era touch, will transport you back in time.


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