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Private Jet Charter Russia

The greatest amazing thing about Russia is, given its immense size, without a doubt the diversity of climate zones, and the weather extremes. Beautiful cities, history, creativity, stunning architecture have a vibrant contrast to cities. In the summer months, from June to late August Siberia gets sub-Saharan temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius or more, vegetation is lush and pleasant. You will definitely need lots of sunscreens. Another positive side of the continental climate in the summer is that the weather can stay hot for weeks on end, interrupted only by an occasional rain shower. Summer days in June/July in northern Russia are extremely long, with the sun going down at 11 pm or in some regions not at all.

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Busiest Airports in Russia

Sheremetyevo International Airport
Domodedovo International Airport
Vnukovo International Airport
Pulkovo Airport
Saint Petersburg
Sochi International Airport
Tolmachevo Airport
Koltsovo International Airport
Krasnodar International Airport
Zhukovsky International Airport
Kazan International Airport

* We still covered the airports in Russia that are not on the list.

Popular Cities in Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia

The second-largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg is the country’s, cultural heart. View splendid architectural gems like the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Winter Palace, and the Kazan Cathedral, and give yourself plenty of time to browse the world-renowned art collection of the Hermitage. Sprawling across the Neva River delta, St. Petersburg offers enough art, nightlife, fine dining and cultural destinations for many repeat visits.

This is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on earth and virtually any building in the large historic centre, threaded with canals dotted with baroque bridges, can be considered an attraction—and indeed, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is a magical city, with a long list of major attractions. Its Hermitage Museum, housed in the Winter Palace of the Romanov Dynasty, is one of the world’s greatest and oldest collections of art, treasure, and antiquities, and one of its most beautiful buildings.

For summertime travelers, the weeks surrounding the solstice in June are perfect for long days of exploring and nights illuminated by the midnight sun. St. Petersburg celebrates the season with fireworks (heralding the Scarlet Sails, a red-draped ship that cruises down the banks of the Neva River), festivities, and arts events, including the White Nights Festival. 


Moscow, Russia

Moscow, on the Moskva River in western Russia, is the nation’s cosmopolitan capital. In its historic core is the Kremlin, a complex that’s home to the president and tsarist treasures in the Armoury. Outside its walls is Red Square, Russia’s symbolic center. It’s home to Lenin’s Mausoleum, the State Historical Museum’s comprehensive collection, and St. Basil’s Cathedral, known for its colorful, onion-shaped domes.

A map of Moscow presents a pattern of concentric rings that circle the rough triangle of the Kremlin and its rectangular extension, the Kitay-Gorod, with outwardly radiating spokes connecting the rings; the whole pattern is modified by the twisting, northwest–southeast-trending Moscow River. These rings and radials mark the historical stages of the city’s growth: successive epochs of development are traced by the Boulevard Ring and the Garden Ring (both following the line of former fortifications), the Moscow Little Ring Railway (built-in part along the line of the former Kamer-Kollezhsky customs barrier), and the Moscow Ring Road.

The climate of Moscow is dominated by westerly winds from the Atlantic. Precipitation is moderate, about 23 inches (580 mm) a year. Snow is common, beginning usually about mid-November and lasting generally until mid-March; the city is well-equipped to keep the streets clear.


Sochi, Russia

Sochi, a Russian city on the Black Sea, is known as a summer beach resort and was the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Its parks include the palm-filled Arboretum. It’s also notable for 20th-century neoclassical buildings such as the columned Winter Theatre. Forested Sochi National Park is a 1,937-sq.-km protected area in the nearby Caucasus Mountains. Some 70 km inland, Krasnaya Polyana is a prominent ski resort.

Nicknamed the ‘Summer Capital of Russia’, Sochi abounds with sport, active recreation, and eco-tourism opportunities. Famous for its fruit markets, this city is also home to the world’s northwesternmost tea plantations.

From mountainous coastlines and gushing waterfalls to historical sites and vibrant nightlife – Sochi is home to more than 400 hotels, resorts, and holiday camps. After it was selected to host the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Sochi was transformed into a modern leisure haven.


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