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Private Jet Charter Saudi Arabia

Extending across most of the northern and central Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia is a young country that is heir to a rich history. In its western highlands, along the Red Sea, lies the Hejaz, which is the cradle of Islam and the site of that religion’s holiest cities, Mecca and Medina.

In the country’s geographic heartland is a region known as Najd (“Highland”), a vast arid zone that until recent times was populated by nomadic tribes.

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International Airports in Saudi Arabia

Abha International Airport
Al-Ahsa International Airport
Al-Hofuf, Al-Ahsa
Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz International Airport
Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz International Airport
King Fahd International Airport
King Abdulaziz International Airport
Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport
King Khalid International Airport
Taif International Airport
Prince Abdul Mohsin bin Abdulaziz International Airport

* We still covered the airports in Saudi Arabia that are not in the list.

Popular Cities in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh- The Cultural Hub In Saudi Arabia

A cultural delight for all the tourists and business travelers alike, Riyadh is a heart of Saudi Arabia which has retained its traditional charm even after being modernized.

The modern skyscrapers touching the skyline of Riyadh show how swiftly this city has transformed from a small tribal region to one of the top-notch cities in Saudi Arabia.

Coming first on the list of places to visit in Saudi ArabiaRiyadh offers a warm welcome to the tourists. A perfect mingle of modernization and traditions, Riyadh is a place that has both the historic charms as well as the sophisticated modern architectural buildings on a display to tourists.

Jeddah – A Cosmopolitan Delight In Saudi Arabia

The second largest city in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is rich in cultural and historical delights depicting a lot about the country but it also boasts off myriad attractions which makes it an uber modern city in Saudi Arabia.

A blend of historic and modern attractions in Jedda makes it a beguiling city. There are so many amazing places to visit in Jeddah like art galleries, cafes, museums, tranquil beaches and picture-perfect coastlines.

Away from the strictness, Jeddah offers a liberal experience to the tourists as has so much to offer at its discretion.


Dammam – Capital of Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

Damman which was earlier a small city consisting of hamlets is now 6th largest city in Saudi Arabia.

The mining of oil industry has given a boost to the economy of the city which was earlier dependent only on fishing and pearl industry.  

This made it one of the hubs for trade and commerce in the country. Brimmed with scenic beaches, ports, picturesque islands, historical & cultural places and some entertainment parks, Dammam is one of the top places to visit in Saudi Arabia.


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