Empty Leg flights: Travel Inexpensively by Private Jet


For whom air travel is a familiar thing, probably know what Empty Leg Flights is, however, for many, the term is incomprehensible. In fact, it is part of the itinerary that the liner flies empty. Another name for the Empty Legs service is return flights, it assumes the ability to fly with a very good discount on a private board. We’ll walk you through what Empty Legs flights mean, how they differ from a traditional private jet flight, and how to order a business jet.


Traveling by private jet on the occasion of a marriage proposal, a bachelorette party, or to avoid the hassle of an airline strike, is now within the reach of the less fortunate purses. In fact, in recent years, the “uberisation” of transport has also affected the civil aviation sector: like cars with private drivers which have become more democratic, private jet flights are seeking to open up to the wider world. public. And to conquer market share beyond their usual millionaire clientele.

Occasions when to book a Private Jet Flight

  • Going on a honeymoon by private jet charter undoubtedly offers incomparable elegance
  • Going to party internationally in a private jet for a bachelor party or bachelor party
  • Organize a team building for your colleague’s meters above sea level
  • Make a marriage proposal in the air, in complete privacy, with the complicity of the on-board staff

The essence of the service is this: a plane was flown to carry passengers or cargo. The return route for such a charter is assumed to be empty. It is for these flights that brokers select tickets with very good discounts.

The empty leg system is the most requested and popular service in the business aviation industry. This method will allow you to rent a business jet on the most advantageous terms – with savings of up to 70%. It is worth noting that flights are possible in any direction, respectively, the passenger can adjust the route.