Private Jet Charter - FAQs

Chartering a private jet can be confusing, now that the private aviation industry is uprising for someone who is never try to travel via private jet. In previous years almost a million people travel by air every day if you are a business traveler, a first-time user of a private jet charter service, or just an individual who wants to travel in a luxurious way.

Here are some of the most (FAQ's) Frequently Asked Questions about Private Jet Chartering:

What is private jet charter?

Private jets are for customers of average and the high-end travel industry. As the name implies, it involves hiring a private jet in order to travel to your destination. This allows the party making the reservation to control who boards the flight, whether that’s friends, families, or colleagues in the case of corporate travel. Chartering a jet can be costly, but certain perks go along with it.

How much do private jet flight cost?

It always depends on where you want to travel, how many passengers, and the size of a suitable plane for your travel needs. If you are traveling with a large group, prices may differ. Contact us today for a cost-efficient quote

Why travel by private jet?

There are many benefits of traveling by private jet. Flying with a private jet is very convenient especially if you have a lot of things to bring with you.

  • Very comfortable to travel
  • You can avoid crowded airports
  • Travel with privacy
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Safety & Security
  • Convenience


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What type of jet do you recommend?

Our knowledgeable staff can recommend an aircraft that fits your specific requirements. We specialize in listening to your needs and matching the right type of plane with the right client.

There are 6 Jets Categories that you can choose from. Each category has different sizes and capacities depend on your travel needs.

  1. Entry Level Jets
  2. Light Jets
  3. Midsize Jets
  4. Heavy Jets
  5. Ultra Long-range Jets
  6. VIP Airlines


You can check the list of Aircraft and their capacities: 

How much luggage can I bring?

It varies depending on the aircraft or jet that is suitable for your flight. If you are traveling with your friends and families with heavy luggage, be sure to contact your trip coordinator.

Can I bring pets on a private jet?

Definitely Yes, you can bring your dog or cats with you while traveling on a private jet. It can be with you so pets can be comfortable, but traveling with your pet needs documentation and be done in a procedure. Also, inform your trip coordinator that you will bring your pet to make necessary arrangements.

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Is chartering a private jet for rich people only?

Definitely No, since the private jet industry is getting a rise. Many private aviation companies come up. Since then, each private jet charter company has its competitive prices, which can be the same as commercial and first-class flights. Suppose you are traveling with a group better to take a group air charter and divide the cost of a flight.

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Is smoking allowed on private jet?

Yes, smoking in a private jet is allowed, but better inform the aircraft operator if they will allow you to smoke on your flight.

Is a private jet have a Wi-Fi connection?

Yes, many aircraft are equipped with WiFi connection as Wi-Fi is very important, but better notify your broker or consultant so they can find the best aircraft with a Wi-Fi connection.

Do private jets have comfort room?

Yes, most of the aircraft included comfort rooms in their interior depending on the type and size of the aircraft.

Is there any flight attendant on private jet?

It depends. If you are traveling with 10 or more travelers, a flight attendant will fly with you on board. But if you will fly on a small aircraft, having a flight attendant on board will cost you an additional charger.

What is an empty leg flight?

Empty Leg is a term that most aviation companies use to identify a flight that does not carry any passengers or cargo. The definition of charter flights refers to returning flights from their chartered destinations.

Empty Leg flight is also known as a one-way flight. If you don’t have a strict schedule, you can enjoy the pleasure of a private flight. If you have upcoming meetings, corporate events, or just traveling for a vacation, you should consider an empty leg flight as a great way not only to enjoy your flight but a productive and safe way of traveling.

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Is food included in private jet?

Every private jet has catering services, but catering depends on the size of the aircraft and the duration of your flight. You can also request an item or meal, but it will cost an extra charge.

How to book a private jet with Fly Charters?

To book a private jet, fill up the quotation form; once we received your request quotation form, one of our consultants will call you and ask a few questions about how many passengers, the date of your flight, etc.

How to pay my private jet charter?

We do accept payments via bank transfer and card payment. You need to deposit a payment to secure your charter; it will be clarified once a charter flight is booked.

Advice: Chartering a private jet is not just as simple and as quick as a commercial flight, but it is not complicated as well. As long as you plan your journey and have the budget chartering, a private jet will be very simple.

That is the most frequently asked question by most of the clients. However, if you want to clarify or ask something that is not listed above, don’t hesitate to contact us.