Group Charter Service perfect for International Sports Tournament


Traveling internationally for competitive sports is growing fast. Many companies offer group charter services for a sports team for practical solutions to help the athletes travel internationally without any headache.

Aircraft Charter companies provide a group charter service for international sports tournaments or other events. Group Charter is perfect for a group of athletes or teams with their staff and management. With this service you have peace of mind while traveling, you don’t need to worry about the schedule.

Group Charter is a hassle-free service for a group of athletes, giving them the best traveling experience. While traveling athletes can rest well with a luxurious private jet that aircraft charter companies offer to them.


Why Group Charter Service?

With group charter service that aircraft charter company offers, you don’t need to worry about other players, no one will be left behind. While on travel the team can talk about strategies or relax with the spacious seating that the aircraft offers.

  • Can transport a large group of athletes/team
  • Cost-effective Solution for players
  • Safety, Comfort, and Privacy for the athletes
  • Travel Time convenience for schedule
  • Selection of aircraft that suits the team
  • Special Menus for the athlete’s nutrition
  • Hassle-free travel for the players
  • Avoid Covid-19 health risks

Group charter service offers the best solution for a stress-free travel experience for the whole team. Athletes have time to relax and watch sports news headlines while on the aircraft. With this kind of service, athletes can focus on their competitions and give the best when they reach their sports event.

Why Choose Fly Charters?

Fly Charters offers the best service for your sports team. We provide 24/7 support and easy transport for up to hundreds of passengers. With our wide selection of aircraft fleets, you can choose the best aircraft that suits your team. No more connecting flights and be on time. We can cater special requests of the passengers from food catering and other assistance that you need while on travel.