How to Charter a Private Jet Using Cryptocurrencies

article image How to Charter a Private Jet Using Cyptocurrencies

Chartering a Private Jet Using Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to flying, nothing beats the luxurious comfort of a private flight. Private planes offer a much higher standard of convenience, flexibility, and service than commercial transportation. Today, it’s common practice to book your upcoming travels using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Learn how to book a private flight with the use of digital currency so you can travel the world smoothly and easily.

Booking a private jet with Bitcoin

Booking a private jet is straightforward when using Fly Charter. There are a variety of choices that will make your journeys convenient and hassle-free, whether they are for business or leisure. And in addition, there are options on amenities and the number capacity of private jets to select from. Payment options using cash, card, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies are accepted and widely used in terms of booking, but Bitcoin has its own advantages.

Bitcoin and Tether are one of the most used cryptocurrencies globally. Here are some of the apps that you can use but are not limited to:

When you book your private jet with us, our team will provide a link where it will guide you on how to pay in less than a minute. This is also the best solution when it comes to booking last-minute or short-notice private jet charter flights with the ease of payments without risking safety. 

Benefits of chartering a private jet using cryptocurrencies

One of the advantages of luxury travel is the flexible payment option and ease of use when it comes to booking private jets. Standard wire transfers and international purchases typically come with high bank fees and exchange rates. Unlike credit cards, cryptocurrency holders are not charged by the amount of the transaction by miners. And with the entire transaction fee being incredibly minimal, unlike other payment options, using cryptocurrencies reduces fees and is a decentralized payment method, that could be significant on multiple bookings. 

With the ongoing development of COVID-19, it is also the safer and preferred option than commercial planes. Fly Charters also offers private business jets for long-range travels with cargo charters. The ease of contactless payments is the most flexible option for chartering a private flight and you can pay directly through crypto wallets or other crypto cards. 

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What do big banks and mainstream institution think about Bitcoin?

The major banks have begun to use cryptocurrencies, but they haven’t done so with enthusiasm. As per Nasdaq, 

"The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has said it views cryptocurrencies as securities and will apply existing securities laws to digital assets. This is important for retail investors because it means they are obligated to report realized gains and losses from crypto investments on their annual tax forms. Failure to do so will invite the scrutiny of the Internal Revenue Service, which has vowed to crack down on crypto tax dodgers."

Through third-party apps, a number of large retailers have begun to accept cryptocurrency as payment. 

Where can I fly using Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency?

One of the top five businesses for cryptocurrency transactions is the aviation industry. In any scenario, we can assist you in finding the ideal private jet of your choice with flexible options for your preferred destination globally, and we will match you with a private jet that is within your price range.

Enjoy the feel of private air charter services such as medevac and group charters for any travel events with your team across the globe. With our private aircraft and luxury private jets, this is your way to finally make your goals to comfort with our private aviation.

At Fly Charters, you can experience the height of luxury and easy to book private jets to your desired countries. Now that you are ready, contact our charter broker and book now to see your next travel plans.

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