Travel Guidelines from India to UAE amid of Covid-19 Surge


With a high case of Covid-19 in India, a passenger from India going to UAE have to submit an RT-PCR negative test result with a QR code on it. Most of the Airlines and Private Jet Charter companies informed their passengers about the new rule.

Regular India to UAE flights are suspended until further notice, but there are a big impact on chartered flights and private jet charter companies due to the UAE ban of regular flights.

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Travel Guidelines from India to UAE via Chartered Flights

1. Passengers entering UAE from India must be quarantined for 10 days and an RT-PCR test upon arrival, it will be followed by 2 more PCR tests on the fourth day and eight days of the passengers’ quarantine days.

2. PCR Test Certificate must contain a QR code containing the name of the laboratory, name of the passenger, date of the PCR test performed, and the result of the test.

3. No more than eight passengers would be allowed on board in charter jets.

4. Indians that have UAE long-term residence visa holders, and working visa are only allowed to enter UAE.


As being said, India-UAE flights are suspended until June 14, and the only option in entering UAE is through chartered flights. Indians who could afford it can only escape the Covid-19 surge in India.

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